City councillor returns to work

Terrace councillor Lynne Christiansen had suffered rare illness

City councillor Lynne Christiansen returns to council for the first time since starting a serious battle Wegener's disease.

CITY COUNCILLOR Lynne Christiansen was warmly greeted by colleagues last night as she attended her first meeting since recovering from a life-threatening illness.

Christiansen was diagnosed with a rare and deadly autoimmune disorder and fell very ill in late summer, spending weeks in a Vancouver hospital where she was induced in a coma for a couple days.

She returned to Terrace Sept. 1, and last nights council meeting marked her first return to city council chambers.

At the meetings end, Christiansen gave an emotional speech, talking about the gratitude she felt for her friends, family, colleagues, and community at large.

It has just been so overwhelming, she said. “I just appreciate our community so much.

She thanked Terrace, Kitimat and Port Edward councils.

I want to thank council for all your support and your visits and your kindness and caring,” she added.

Christiansen also thanked her employer and colleagues at the Seven Sisters thanked her employer and colleagues at the Seven Sisters residence, the farmers market, arts community, her church parish, and the community at large.

She noted her gratitude for the medical staff who worked to diagnose and heal her.

If they hadnt caught it, I wouldnt be here, said Christiansen. “They had their finger on this before I went down south.

Christiansens sisters came to Terrace for Thanksgiving.

We were very thankful, she said. “Thank you all very much.