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Canada Post ends door-to-door delivery in Terrace, B.C.

The move to community mailboxes is to take place next year
Canada Post has announced the end of door to door delivery in the V8G postal code area of Terrace

Does your postal code begin with V8G?

If so, enjoy your home mail delivery while you can. Terrace addresses with V8G postal codes are next up in Canada Post's ongoing plan to switch door-to-door delivery to community mailboxes over the next several years.

According to a Canada Post release this afternoon, the process will begin with notices and a survey in the next couple of days and will affect 3,764 addresses in Terrace. The plan is to make the switch over in 2016.

“This is part of a five-year initiative to convert one-third of Canadian addresses who still have delivery at the door to community mailboxes in an effort to secure postal service for the future,” reads the release. “Since the program began in 2014, one million addresses have been or are in the various stages of the conversion process.”

Canada Post's plan to eliminate home delivery by 2018 has received pushback from some municipalities and advocacy groups, and a federal lawsuit has been launched by the postal worker's union with support from various groups representing retired and handicapped citizens.

The Canada Post release says that in Terrace, “no regular full-time or part-time employee will lose their job as a result of the initiative. As we have stated throughout this process, we will reduce our workforce largely through attrition as people retire.”

The first information package distributed to affected residents will “tell them how they can express their priorities and preferences about their new delivery method. This is a process we have used since the beginning of the process. So far 260,000 Canadians have shared their insights through this survey, which proved very helpful in choosing safe, suitable locations.

“Customers who have concerns about their ability to access their community mailbox will be invited to contact us via a dedicated phone number and we will work with them to find a solution that meets their needs,” the release continues.

This phase also includes the communities of Stikine C, Kitimat Stikine E and Kulspai 6. The total addresses to be converted is 5,390.