Arrests made following school vandalism

Damage to power pole closes a Terrace, B.C. school

TWO TEENS could face charges of mischief endangering life after someone damaged a power pole just outside of Caledonia Secondary School Sunday.

The charge recommendation was forwarded to provincial prosecutors by Terrace RCMP officers after two teens, both male, age 15 and 17, were arrested.

Terrace RCMP Constable Angela Rabut said arrests came after responding officers were able to follow tracks in freshly fallen snow along the Howe Creek trail.

A saw was found nearby, she said.

School is closed today as BC Hydro crews replace the pole.

The closure affected more than 700 students.

Police were called to a report of two people wearing dark clothing that appeared to be sawing through a hydro power pole in the front of Caledonia Senior Secondary School. The culprits ran when they saw the police.

“It is fortunate that the witness reported it and we caught them just in time. The pole was almost cut through. BC Hydro stated that each saw stroke could have caused enough vibration to create a fire ball that would have killed them both,”  says Constable Robert Hull from the Terrace RCMP.

The damage is estimated between $25 000 and $50 000.