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Alleged threat at Skeena Middle School found unsubstantiated

The situation was handled by school staff and RCMP were not involved
Skeena Middle School. (Quinn Bender/Terrace Standard)

Terrace parents and guardians were informed of a “vague threat” made toward Skeena Middle School on Monday, June 6, in a Wednesday email from vice-principal Darlene Bragg-Hounsell.

“We followed all of our protocols and worked with Safer Schools Together. Several students were interviewed and video footage was examined. The threat was considered a very low risk and was unsubstantiated,” she wrote.

Janet Meyer, superintendent of School District 82, said the situation has been entirely resolved after being handled by the school and RCMP were not involved.

Meyer said staff are trained in violence threat risk assessment (VTRA) and proceed depending on the level of threat.

“Once we tracked down the details, it was not a realistic threat,” Meyer told the Standard on Friday.

“We don’t come to that decision lightly… We have a process that we follow every single time.”

The potential threat came from a member of the school community who is not being identified.

“Whenever the school district has a threat, or potential harmful situation for students or staff, we enact our VTRA process right away,” Meyer said.

“We have a very close relationship with Safer Schools Together, which is a provincial organization that supports that in terms of situations like this.”

Meyer added the school district has not had a threat of this nature in quite some time.

If students are concerned about this and would like to talk to someone about how they are feeling, they are encouraged to see one of the school counsellors. Any concerns regarding this can be directed to the principal or vice-principal.


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