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Adult living options continue to expand

A $10 million development is underway up on Terrace’s bench, with the first units set to be finished late spring.

A $10 million development is underway up on Terrace’s bench, with the first units set to be finished late spring.

West Ridge Estates, a private project by first-time developers Diana Wood, Vance Hadley and Kathy Hadley has seen about $870,000 of that spent so far.

The adult development is to be located on four acres in Terrace’s bench area, between McConnell Ave., Cory Dr. and Jolliffe Ave.

Final design plans include 16 duplexes, or 32 units averaging 1250 square feet each. To date, the first duplex is lock-up ready with mechanical work to be done by Christmas.

The properties will be mostly strata, with a few lots that have the option to opt in or out.

Residences were first built with a 55-plus age in mind, although Vance Hadley said it’s evolving into what’s being called a mature subdivision.

“We were asked to do this by customers wanting an adult park, strata living, near their grandkids,” said Hadley. “The units are designed to be higher end.”

“They’re not intended for children, but there’s always a sympathy clause,” he added. “It’s not etched in stone.”

He continued that units are being designed with wheelchair accessibility in mind, and filling a niche in terms of mature living up on Terrace’s bench.

The development is the latest in a series of accommodations options, both public and private, being made available in Terrace to take into account a maturing population.

Not all older people are keen on moving away.

To date, Hadley said the biggest triumph in the project was getting the property re-zoned in 2009 from residential and single houses to being able to accommodate strata living.

“The city has been a huge help in this,” he said.

Looking forward, other changes are to come too. Jolliffe Ave. will be finished and paved at a $387,000 cost already paid by the developers. The avenue will be hooked up to Corey Dr. and Bailey St. by next fall, he said.

Cory Dr. may also be hooked up to McConnell at the city’s expense he said, adding he’d love to see park space and a walkway instead.

Hadley anticipated the first duplex to be up for sale by June 2012 at the latest, and said the earlier those buying get involved, the more say they will have on their home’s design.

Frank Gration Developments is hired to do general construction.

“Almost all the sub trades have entirely been local,” he said.