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Unlock your home’s full potential through thoughtful window upgrades

Don’t miss your window of opportunity to recreate your home’s aesthetic
Enjoy new windows this summer! - Photo courtesy of Ecoline Windows.

While replacing aging windows in your Terrace home can have obvious benefits such as reducing energy costs and increasing the value of your home, it can also make an old home feel new again. A window replacement project is not just about functionality; it’s an opportunity to revitalize your living spaces and breathe new life into your home.

Swapping out old, inefficient windows for modern, energy-efficient ones does more than just lower your utility bills. It enhances your home’s curb appeal and interior ambiance, creating a more comfortable and visually appealing environment.

Every home is unique, and therefore no two renovation projects are ever the same. Some important factors for consideration when looking at window upgrades are budget, design goals, and the challenges you may face.

For example, enlarging basement windows may require a contractor familiar with cutting through concrete. Changing window sizes on a brick wall would involve factoring in the cost of a bricklayer to redo the exterior afterward. These challenges are specific to each home’s design, age, and construction methods.

While situations like concrete or brick buildings can require extra consideration, with the right team, a well-planned budget, and patience, dreams can be realized. Whether you crave more natural light, better ventilation, or panoramic views, there’s a window design that meets your unique preferences.

Exploring Window Renovation Options

  • Window Cut-Down: An affordable option that enlarges windows vertically without major structural changes, ideal for budget-conscious projects.
  • Window Enlargement: Expanding windows sideways or cutting new ones creates impactful changes, such as increased natural light and improved aesthetics, but may require permits.
  • Basement Windows: Upgrading basement windows adds value and functionality to lower levels.
  • Brick or Concrete Walls: Cutting windows in these materials offers unique design opportunities, increased home value, and a modern aesthetic.

Grants, Rebates, and Income-Qualified Programs Available for Terrace Residents

  • Ecoline Green Grant: The Ecoline Green Grant is offered directly through Ecoline Windows, providing up to $3,750 without restrictions, accessible to all property types, and eliminating the need for a Home Energy Inspection. This grant allows homeowners to choose from a wide range of Ecoline products for energy savings and environmental benefits.
  • CleanBC Better Homes Income Qualified Program: The CleanBC Better Homes Income Qualified Program offers rebates for energy-efficient upgrades, including windows and doors, benefiting low-income families. Homeowners must meet income and housing criteria, with contractors responsible for applying for the rebates. The rebate is then deducted from the final costs, making home improvements more accessible.
  • BC Energy Efficiency Rebate: The BC Energy Efficiency Rebate Program offers significant rebates for energy-efficient upgrades, including windows and doors. Homeowners can receive up to $2,000 for qualifying window and door replacements based on their U-Factor values. The program also provides rebates for insulation upgrades, air source heat pumps, and electric heat pump water heaters, with additional bonuses for completing multiple upgrades within a certain timeframe. Contractors handle the rebate application process, making it easier for homeowners to utilize the program.

Homeowners shouldn’t feel deterred by the cost of adding or altering windows on exterior walls but should instead seek contractors and experts who provide transparent quotes, clear communication, realistic timelines, and attention to detail. Investing in modern window design can transform your space and help you fall back in love with an older home.

Ecoline Windows offers exterior door and window replacement in Terrace as well as several other communities throughout Western Canada! Find more information about their services and your eligibility for rebate and grant programs online today at or by calling 778-400-2063.