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Indigenous artists share their craft and showcase local talent at the CWAA Market

Just in time for the holidays!
Tammy Brown, Communications Workforce Accommodation Advisor (CWAA) and member of the West Moberly First Nations, is proud to share her culture through Coastal GasLink’s CWAA program.

Fur moccasins, clothing, candles, jewelry, handbags, and cedar feathers — just a few of the many artfully crafted goods you might find available at the CWAA Market.

Located in Coastal GasLink’s Sukunka lodge, the CWAA Market is run by the Community Workforce Accommodation Advisors (CWAAs). The CWAA program partners with members from neighbouring Indigenous communities to lead programming at workforce lodges that promotes inclusion and fosters a deeper sense of understanding of the rich cultures and traditions of local Indigenous communities.

The CWAA Market features local Indigenous artists while also offering a space for meaningful connection between workers and the communities that host them.

“What I love about the CWAA Market is being able to share our culture with the project and workers who live in the lodges,” shared Tammy Brown, one of the CWAAs. “This is our land and territory and having visitors come here who respect and are open to learning about our culture is important to me.”

The CWAA Market has re-opened just in time for the upcoming holiday season, with a wide variety of products now available on the CWAA Market website. As the holidays get closer, the market offers a great opportunity for our workforce to purchase gifts for loved ones, and for themselves, all while supporting local Indigenous artists.

In addition to artisanal goods, CWAAs also organize interactive cultural workshops for the workforce with activities such as smudging, beading, soap berry canning, and dream catcher making, to name a few.

“I feel really lucky that I have a job where I’m excited to come into work every single day,” says Teneshia Yahey, a CWAA who sells her beading creations at the market. For Teneshia, “the CWAA program and market are both such great opportunities to learn, grow, and build meaningful relationships between workers and Indigenous communities.”

Our trusted and valued advisors are also helping to support a safe and healthy environment for our workforce. Many of the activities and programming they offer are helping to support mental health by building meaningful connections that make the lodge feel like home.

Tammy Brown (left), Lorisha Desjarlais (centre left) and Teneshia Yahey (right) admire one of the moccasins available at the CWAA Market.
Tammy Brown (left), Lorisha Desjarlais (centre left) and Teneshia Yahey (right) admire one of the moccasins available at the CWAA Market.

“My participation with the CWAA Market has been wonderful! I have had a positive outcome with the market, and I’m grateful for the experience and feedback. It’s been a tremendous opportunity to showcase my crafts and get exposure through the website as well as their on-site market,” said Donna Cameron, a CWAA who sells birch bark baskets and beadwork at the market.

Learn more about and support local Indigenous artists like Donna, Tammy, and Teneshia by browsing through their goods on the CWAA Market website. Hopefully you find something to share with your loves ones this holiday season.

Learn more about the CWAA program by visiting