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Free, accessible walk-in youth counselling in Terrace — no appointment necessary

Counselling is one of many free services at Foundry Terrace. Support this important work!
TDCSS is currently fundraising to build a new space for Foundry Terrace, where there will be more room for services like drop-in counselling, group activities, and more. Visit to donate.

It’s hard to believe it can be this easy.

When accessing health and social services, many of us have grown accustomed to long wait lists, expensive fees, complicated referral processes and inconvenient appointment times. But Foundry Terrace really does work differently.

“If you or someone in your family has accessed counselling, it may seem unusual to not require an appointment, however we really do have a walk-in counselling model, no appointment necessary,” says Sandra Conlon, Registered Social Worker and Registered Clinical Counsellor at Foundry Terrace.

One of the goals at Foundry Terrace is to make services easier for youth to access, and that means removing hurdles that could discourage someone from seeking help. So counselling and other services are available simply by walking in, hours work around the school day, and the welcoming space is just down the street from many schools. Foundry Terrace has both walk-in and clinical counselling. Youth can also access Foundry Virtual, which is available province-wide online. All Foundry services are confidential and free, and no referrals are required.

“The Foundry model really is different. We encourage folks to drop by, we offer tours for youth, families, teachers, other community service providers or anyone who is curious,” Conlon says.

Sandra Conlon, Clinical Lead at Foundry Terrace.
Sandra Conlon, Clinical Lead at Foundry Terrace.

One door, many services

Counselling is just one of many services offered at the interim Foundry Terrace site. Other services include Peer Support, primary health care including a Nurse Practitioner, Youth Groups, Cultural Wellness and Foundry Works.

All Foundry Terrace team members work together, youth need only share their story once and accessing additional services is simple.

“We acknowledge that young persons are individuals with diverse strengths, needs and goals. Foundry Terrace Walk-In counsellor Bethany Hernandez and I provide mental health services, our Nurse Practitioner is primarily focused on physical health, our Peer Support, Cultural Wellness and Foundry Works team members all have vital roles. Foundry Terrace values and demonstrates continuity and connection in our care. We don’t work in isolation,” Conlon says.

Terrace & District Community Services Society (TDCSS) is currently fundraising to build a new space for Foundry Terrace, where there will be more room for services, group activities, and visiting community partners. Visit to donate!

How counselling works

The Foundry Terrace counselling team works alongside young persons to address a variety of concerns, including relationships, work/school stress, life transitions, depression and anxiety, trauma and grief. All services are voluntary, young persons can attend counselling one or many times on a walk-in basis as part of a stepped-care model.

“Sometimes people assume that counsellors have ready-made solutions to problems. Before I became a counsellor, I might have thought that too, rather counselling is about establishing an alliance with the client, so we can address their needs together,” Conlon says.

Another common misconception is that counsellors can make clients feel better immediately, however, while clients often notice improvement early, they ” are active participants, and work together with their counsellor on strategies, coping skills and ways to affect change.”

If you need help, the most important thing you can do is reach out — to a friend, family member, teacher, counsellor or someone else you trust.

Support Terrace youth, donate to the new Foundry

TDCSS is raising funds for a new, purpose-built Foundry building, so young people in the community can receive the full breadth of services and supports. Community members are welcome to visit the interim Foundry Terrace site at 101-3219 Eby St. to better understand the current successes and future needs, and find out more about the new build.

Visit to donate.