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We cannot let the hordes rule the city

I am packing up and leaving town, says letter writer

An open letter to

Mayor and Council of Terrace:

There seems to be a new sheriff in town, that being the homeless hordes that wander about, some staggering and others just bent over in a drugged haze.

One sees them horizontal on sidewalks, on pathways, in bus booths and just about everywhere.

Terrace, although once a proud hub in the north, has become the place for the wandering hordes of people to just do nothing but get stoned, urinate wherever you want, do drugs, brandish weapons, copulate openly…. plain and simple - a disgrace.

Mayor and Council do not govern our city or our taxes, the horde does. City Council just hires more bylaw officers to shuffle the horde about the city.

Taxpayers bear the costs each day for the additional bylaw officers, paramedics, hospital and medical facilities and staff that the hordes inflict on us daily.

Thousands of dollars spent every day for what. The horde doesn’t care, they do not contribute. They take and we give and they take more.

Shopping carts cost money and belong to a specific store for use by customers, not to be stolen and abandoned about Terrace and Thornhill or tossed over the banks into the river. They are thieves and get away with it every day.

Stop funding all the so-called down and out help societies. Instead put the money elsewhere, like assisting the elderly or upgrades to schools or community projects.

I have decided to sell my house and leave Terrace when the downtown is not safe, that my grandchildren cannot take a bus or walk safely down a street. It shows we have a problem.

I have not been able to support any of the merchants in the downtown core. It is not safe from the horde of aimless, drugged and staggering people who simply rule their streets their way.

Give them a broom, a shovel and make them work for each dollar they get from us — a 1,000 hours of community service. Ban them from our city, send them back where they came from or were sent to us.

If you were elected to govern and manage the community, then do it.

Call it for what it is a disgrace, a black eye to a once proud community of good hard working people.

This is not the time to be politically correct. This is the time to show leadership but personally I think that is beyond current capabilities.

Glenn Boychuk,

Terrace, B.C.


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