Thornhill regional director lacks communication with residents

Get-togethers and barbecues don’t cut it, says letter writer

To the editor,

I learned more about Hammond in this article [Jeff Hammond seeking reelection as Thornhill director] than in all his four years on RDKS or his previous run for office.

Hammond lacks communication with residents. I recall seeking his input on a subject and to this day I’ve had no reply. It’s all very well to hold community get-togethers and serve barbecue foods but if a rep is absent the rest of the time, he doesn’t win any support when election arrives. (And that was after trouble finding a means of reaching him. Made me wonder if he was in the witness protection program.)

Hammond’s predecessor, Ted Ramsey, shone keeping in touch. If Ted couldn’t answer a call, his wife did, and within hours Ted would call back. Why Hammond chooses to be unreachable between elections befuddles me.

The only way to reach RDKS representatives now is through an to email Office staff parcel them out to reps.

Claudette Sandecki,

Thornhill B.C.


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