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Terrace elite benefits from municipal election rules

Retaliation for wrong think in Terrace is real, says letter writer
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To the editor,

My comment on Claudette Sandecki’s letter to the editor, [Lazy, unengaged electorate get what they deserve, Sept. 22 issue]. There’s a big problem with needing 25 signatures/nominators to run for mayor.

Whoever signs their name on that list has no way of knowing who will see their name on it, and retaliation for wrong think in Terrace is real.

Needing 25 signatures only happened because the municipal politicians don’t want to see anyone eccentric like Kool-Aid Man run for mayor again and embarrass the city, but they never asked themselves how or why things got to that point in the first place.

Someone wanting to run may not have 25 people in the wings ready to sign for them, and whoever does have 25 people ready sign sign for them will already be part of Terrace’s elite and not necessarily what’s best for the community because their ideas are unopposed.

John Smith,

Terrace B.C.

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