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Lazy, unengaged electorate get what they deserve

People get what they deserve if they ignore local politics, says letter writer

To the editor,

I echo Glenn Boychuk’s grievances about the sad state of Terrace’s streets, (We cannot let the hordes rule the city, Sept. 8) now at the point where I spend as little time as possible in town when I absolutely have to fetch groceries or pay bills at the bank.

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Is he, though, aware how few residents will even sign a nomination form for someone willing to stand for council? The candidate faces four year of meetings if they win, yet some residents can’t be bothered to put pen to paper toward the necessary signatures.

Nothing prevents any qualified voter from signing to support a candidate who is running.

If a candidate intended to run for mayor but came up with fewer than the required 25 signatures, so long as they have ten signatures they can change their application and run for councillor. The forms are identical.

No wonder so few people vote. Minimal effort is beyond their capacity toward democracy. For them, going to the polls once in four years is a drag.

They’d rather gripe on Facebook every day — where it makes no difference — about how inept council is instead of stepping up to vote and actually registering a complaint where it could effect some improvement.

You know the old saying — people get what they deserve. Refusing to sign a nomination paper or neglecting to vote are two sure ways to maintain the status quo. That way lies acclamation which makes the successful candidate think they have monumental support. What they truly have is a lazy, unengaged electorate.

Claudette Sandecki,

Thornhill B.C.


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