TERRACE physician Dr. Geoff Appleton has received an award for his years of service.

TERRACE physician Dr. Geoff Appleton has received an award for his years of service.

Terrace, B.C. doctor receives high honour

Dr. Geoff Appleton recognized for efforts to improve rural medicine

Retired local physician Dr. Geoff Appleton has been given an award for his more than 40 years of work in improving rural medicine.

Presented by the Doctors of B.C., the association which represents physicians in dealings with the provincial government and in moving the profession forward, the Silver Medal is awarded to those who have made outstanding contributions to medicine and/or to improving the welfare of B.C. residents.

For 25 of the more than 40 years that Appleton worked in Terrace, he was involved in a long list of activities connected to Doctors of B.C. and its predecessor, the B.C. Medical Association.

Appleton was president of the professional association in 2007-2008 and his involvement in promoting rural medicine was seen by acting as the chairs of committees aimed at attracting physicians to northern and rural areas and then encouraging them to stay.

He and wife Gayle, a retired nurse and educator, were featured in a 2011 publication of northern B.C. medical professionals.

Both are now board members with the Dr. REM Lee Hospital foundation.

Appleton also served as the Northern Health Authority’s northwest medical director from 2009 to 2016.

Although retired from family practice, Appleton sits as a board member on a regional Doctors of B.C. group which represents family physicians in the region, seeking to increase medical services for residents and professional support for physicians.

Appleton also retired from being Northern Health’s Northwest Medical Director June 30, 2016; he had held that position since 2009.

Appleton moved from the United Kingdom to Canada in 1973 and started to work in 1974 as a general practitioner in Terrace.