Suwilaawks moves and grooves

Exercising was never so much fun as whole school takes part, including the principal and vice-principal.

SUWILAAWKS STUDENTS move their bodies to the music for their morning exercises in the gym Sept. 20.

SUWILAAWKS Community School students dance and sing along to the music to start their days this school year.

Gathering in the gym, the students do motions along to music, including fast moving favourites like the Twist, YMCA and the Chicken Dance. And leading the movements on the gym stage are principal Pamela Kawinsky and vice-principal Roberta Clarke.

The idea is to get students moving and the early morning exercises have kept students from being late for school, says Kawinsky.

And getting together in the morning has given students the chance to share their talents, such as playing piano or singing and playing guitar for their school mates, she says.