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Legion hands out three donations

The June meeting of our Legion saw a sufficient number of members turn out to constitute a quorum.
Mary Ann Misfeldt

The June meeting of our Legion saw a sufficient number of members turn out to constitute a quorum.

A number of motions were passed including three donations. One was a standard one which has been given out as long as we can remember to Pacific Northwest Music Festival.

A second donation of $500 was passed to assist with the establishment of a St. Johns Ambulance Brigade here in Terrace. When the membership learned that Parkside Secondary School had suffered a loss of grad funds, they unanimously voted to replenish those funds for a dry grad party in the amount of $650.

It is helping the community in matters like this that the Legion stands for and as all actions taken by the Executive must be approved by a general meeting it is imperative that we have a quorum.

Members are reminded that there are no general meetings in July and August and when they resume again in September the regular monthly meeting will be held at 1 p.m. the second Saturday of each month.

Although there are no general meetings during the summer months, the daily activities and special events go on.

The executive meets regularly and maintains those operations of the branch. They are a very small group doing a big job and we thank them for their efforts and remind our members and those who would like to become members that more volunteers are not only very welcome they are essential to the continuation of this organization in our community.

The trivia game challenge will be standing down for the summer and will resume again in September. Although there will be one special family trivia challenge in August. Watch for further details on this event.

Branch #13 will, as always, be sponsoring the Riverboat Days Parade and be involved with other activities at that time. Once again further details will appear in the Legion News in the Terrace Standard.

On behalf of Branch #13, I wish all members and the entire community a relaxing, happy and community spirited summer.

We will Remember Them.