Learning for Life celebrates literacy

Lots of activities for all ages at Literacy Day event at Cassie Hall

LEARNING FOR Life welcomes the whole family to fun activities to celebrate Literacy Day.

“We really mean Learning for Life so we’re hoping to have some stuff for adults as well,” said organizer Coco Schau.

Numeracy is included in literacy too.

And there will be financial literacy activities for children and adults.

“The skills you need these days just to carry on everyday life are just more involved than they used to be.”

Schau got a new camera for Christmas and said she has to read a book to learn how to use it whereas in the past it would’ve been only one page of instructions.

“That’s true for the computer to fill in forms on the computer even,” she said.

So much focus is on the trades in the community, there’s a need for different kinds of skills, including literacy, if you’re involved in the trades, such as needing to pull essential information from complicated documents, follow instructions and learn about safety.

Last year’s week-long literacy celebration was in several places and didn’t work so well, but having all the exhibits, displays and activities in one place is expected to be better, she said.

“People didn’t feel it had the same kind of buzz and excitement,” said Schau about last year’s activities in different places.

For more details on Learning for Life, see Community Calendar on page 18 of the Jan. 15 Terrace Standard.