Girl gets first haircut to help others

payden reinert

payden reinert

A LOCAL girl chose to give to others for her birthday this year.

Payden Reinert, 5, had never had a haircut and after a talk with her mom, she chose to get her hair cut so it could go to Wigs for Kids, an organization that makes wigs for children who lose their hair due to cancer and other diseases.

Her mom Karen said she heard about the organization from a friend and discussed it with Payden.

So the day before her June 10 birthday, Payden sat down in a chair at Studio 3 Salon and Spa so Crystal McKay could be the first to cut her hair, which reached down to her lower back.

With a bit of an apprehensive look on her face, Payden sat quietly as McKay cut off her ponytail, leaving her hair about shoulder length, and about 12 inches (about 30 cm) shorter than it had been.

Holding her ponytail afterward, Payden smiled and continued to smile as McKay combed out her new shorter hairstyle.

Payden had collected about $150 in pledges that will go toward the cost of making the wigs and was looking to collect more as more people wanted to give.