College offers ESL courses

NORTHWEST Community College has joined with two Terrace agencies to use a federal grant to offer an ESL course giving students linguistic and practical skills for finding work.

The course will help students with limited English navigate the

Canadian employment system, learn about their community and improve

their language skills. Lessons will include various field trips and

guest speakers.

The two local agencies are Skeena Diversity and Literacy Terrace.

“Northwest Community College has run a successful ESL program in

Prince Rupert for a number of years. At some point, we’d like to

replicate that program in Terrace and this course is just one step in

that direction,” said college official Lianne Gagnon this week.

Literacy Terrace has run an ESL Language program with local volunteers

as tutors since 2005.

According to Murray George, the program’s coordinator, “Many of the

immigrants to the Terrace area bring with them a tremendous amount of

skills and abilities but may be lacking in either the specific English

skills they need to continue their chosen careers in Canada, or simply

have not learned how to seek jobs here. ESL for Employment will help

immigrants who may have less than fluent English skills do just that.”