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Ben’s Blog: New year, new experiences

Phew, 2021 is over!

Phew, 2021 is over!

It felt like a long year. It was the second year living with the COVID-19 pandemic, and it continued to be full of adversity for many people. Some lost loved ones due to COVID-19, and almost everyone’s life continues to be disrupted in one way or another.

With 2022 looking like it will be much of the same, it can be easy to get bogged down by the negatives.

However, there can be good things too. Looking back at 2021, I realized that I had a lot of personal ‘firsts’ and my fair share of fun.

I went cross country skiing for the first time in January at the spectacular Onion Lake ski trails. Almost one year later, I still get a chuckle thinking of the person working at the rental shed telling me I needed Sasquatch-sized skis.

It was my first full year in Terrace, and luckily it did not rain nearly as much as the soggy summer of 2020. I made my first visit to the Nass Valley. I was struck by the beauty of the area, and how well the auto tour allowed me to get the full experience. The Nisga’a Museum and tour were also incredible.

On the topic of travel, driving to Whitehorse for the first time was so worth it. For one, the Yukon is awesome. Two, some of the scenes along Hwy 37 are hard to beat. I could hardly believe the heaven-like view driving through the Good Hope Lake area.

I took part in my first northwest B.C. soccer tournament. It was great to play a team sport again, especially at the beautiful Kitamaat Village field with fans watching.

There were a lot of other miscellaneous firsts for me this year. First time moving without any help, first time five-pin bowling, first buzz cut, first time using an air fryer.

Each one added some novelty, extra interest and variety in life. That still holds true for even the ones that aren’t groundbreaking, like the air fryer.

Now 2022 is starting. There will definitely be more of the same things we’ve been dealing with over the past two years. COVID-19 is still here and won’t be going anywhere soon.

I’m trying to focus on what could be different about 2022 and what other firsts I might be able to squeeze into the new year. I would love to visit Haida Gwaii, Stewart and Hyder for the first time.

Watching Prince Rupert’s All Native Basketball Tournament has been on my sports bucket list for years ever since I heard about the event in college.

As the year moves along, I’m sure more of those firsts will pop up. I am excited to find out what they are going to be, and I hope that everyone that reads The Terrace Standard has their own firsts in 2022 to cherish and enjoy.

Happy New Year!

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