Question of the Week | Jan. 31

Question of the Week | Jan. 31

Should the city prioritize a CN Rail pedestrian overpass over Lanfear Dr.’s reconstruction?

BACKGROUND:The City of Terrace is pushing for approval of a federal and provincial grant worth $10 million to improve transportation access and safety to the Bench area from downtown.

In the past, the city has identified the Bench area as “the only area where we have room to grow,” further stating that “Lanfear Hill in its current state will be challenged to handle significant additional traffic.” That pressure is amplified as 200 new homes are expected to be built on the Bench in the next couple years.

However, other high-budget infrastructure projects in the city are also needed, including a CN Rail pedestrian overpass to connect the north and south sides of the city, and provide a safer way for people to cross the tracks.

Calls for the overpass grew following the 2016 deaths of two residents in two separate incidents struck by trains while attempting to cross the tracks on CN property. Demand was renewed again last fall when a third person was killed and another injured in two other separate incidents.

Consultants estimate a pedestrian overpass would cost $11.6 million to build over two years, not including the purchase of CN Rail property.

Do you think the city should prioritize a CN Rail pedestrian overpass over Lanfear Drive’s reconstruction?

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