Here are some of the Terrace Peaks who competed at the Prince George Invitational with coach Ambra Marak.

Here are some of the Terrace Peaks who competed at the Prince George Invitational with coach Ambra Marak.

What does it take to be a good gymnast?

Fresh off a big team win in Prince George, members of the Terrace Peaks Gymnastics Club share what it takes to excel

Terrace Peaks gymnasts returned with more medals and trophies than usual from the Prince George Gymnastics Club Invitational meet earlier this month, topping divisions and winning four coveted trophies, including a team award.

“We kind of came home on a competition high,” said coach Ambra Marak of the May 3 and 4 meet that saw nine Terrace gymnasts compete. “The girls went in with lots of confidence, we did this little cheer before we went and I think everybody was just excited for the meet.”

The club has been practising all year and has a few competitions under their belt, which Marak says helped with their confidence.

“They know what they need to do, they know their routines,” she said.

Individual trophies included most artistic floor, most dynamic bars, most dynamic vault, and the team was given the third place team award. There were nine clubs and close to 200 athletes at the meet.

Two standout performances were Maia Guerriero and Ann Zettler, who placed first overall in P2 Argo and PT Tyro, respectively. They placed in all four of their events, and then had the highest average overall.

Guerriero and Zettler said their wins made them feel “really good” and “surprised” because there were so many competitors.

Guerriero said she likes floor the best. “I like music and I like dancing,” she said.

While Zettler said she likes all events.

Gymnast Maya Ebling said it felt really good to stand on the podium with the whole team after winning the team award, a statement her teammates enthusiastically agreed with.

So what does it take to be a good gymnast?

“Put effort into everything that you do,” said Ebling.

“Do the best that you can every day,” continued Guerriero.

“And focus,” added Zettler.

That’s advice you can use – on and off the mat.

Nine Terrace Peaks travelled to Prince George for the meet, here are some more highlights:

P1 Argo: Amanda Yoo 3rd vault, 2nd bars, 2nd beam, 2nd AA; Morgan Ireland 5th vault; Ella Almgren 6th bars.

P1 Tyro: Dawson Lewis 2nd bars, 2nd floor, 5th AA.

P2 Argo: Maia Guerriero 1st vault, 2nd bars, 3rd beam, 1st floor, 1st AA; Charllize Bretherick 6th AA.

P2 Tyro: Ann Zettler 2nd vault, 2nd bars, 2nd beam, 1st floor, 1st AA; Maya Ebeling 3rd vault, 6th bars, 5th floor, 5th AA; Ashlee Monsen 3rd beam, 3rd floor, 6th AA