Skiers slide into new, high-up track

Three cross-country skiers from Terrace are sliding into the B.C. Winter Games competition, and flew out yesterday, Feb. 24.

These three Terrace cross-country skiers

These three Terrace cross-country skiers

Three cross-country skiers from Terrace are sliding into the B.C. Winter Games competition.

All age 14, Aidan Carter, and Gabriel and Yohannes Vandenberg will join several skiers from Smithers and Burns Lake travelling to Penticton to represent the northwest zone.

“It’s quite an experience, very fun for the kids,” said coach Travis Carter.

“They really want to provide [the young athletes] with a professional experience. If you were to continue on in racing and go to higher level events, this is what it feels like.”

Carter said they have very professional medal presentations, promotions and banners to give the athletes a feel for high-level competition.

“You are a bit taken out of your element because you don’t know everyone that’s there… it lets the kids take themselves to a bit of another level of commitment and wanting to perform,” Carter said.

He adds that the other big part of the games is interacting with other athletes, enjoying meals with thousands of others from across B.C., and doing all kinds of activities, like dance and games, that are part of the games.

“The interaction with other kids from different regions across the whole province is a lot of fun – they’re all at the same age, all at the same maturity level,” Carter said.

Skiers will compete in a 3.5 km classical interval race the first day, a 400-metre free technique skating sprint next, and a two kilometre mixed relay as a team on the third day.