Pool reopens after annual closure

Notes bigger projects on deck for next year at the Terrace Aquatic Centre

The annual pool closure was shorter than usual this year, lasting just three weeks instead of a full month.

That’s because the Terrace Aquatic Centre didn’t have any major projects to complete this year, and only needed to focus on the yearly maintenance work that helps the pool run smoothly, safely, and cleanly the other 11 months of the year.

“There wasn’t really a main project and that’s why we only shut down for the three weeks this time, there’s things that will be done in 2014 that will be greater,” said aquatic manager Mike Carlyle.

Those projects are things like replacing the west wall, giving the pool a major painting face-lift, and updating the ventilation system.

Money is set aside for next year’s projects as part of the pool’s long-term plan, which became more solid last year with the help an 86-page report from the same architecture firm that built the Sportsplex.

The report, commissioned by the city, painted a future picture of the 40-plus-year-old building – some of the more interesting proposals included a wall made of glass, a “wave ride for thrill seekers,” and an exercise area that looks over the pool below.

The pool closes every year in September to allow for a month of mechanical maintenance and deep cleaning.

The busy closure period sees the pool completely drained, tiles  and filters cleaned, lights changed, and more.

If we do annual maintenance then we don’t see things breaking down throughout the year, explained Carlyle.

“It’s things we wouldn’t be able to do when we’re open,” he said. “We’re getting ‘fresh air’ into the pool.”

September is the month because families and pool users are typically busy with back-to-school and settling into fall after the end of summer.

But it’s now business-as-usual at the pool, and pool-goers will be pleased at the rejuvenated space.

“Look at the pool right now, and it’s crystal clear,” he said, noting that the pool looks shallow because it’s so clear, and that effect will last for months.