Members of the Terrace Peaks support their teammates at a mock-meet on Friday

Members of the Terrace Peaks support their teammates at a mock-meet on Friday

Peak season for Terrace Peaks gymnasts

The Terrace Peaks gymnastics club have witnessed higher-than-normal turnout this year

Terrace residents are flipping out for gymnastics – at least, that’s the way it seems to the coaches and staff of the Terrace Peaks gymnastics club, who have witnessed higher-than-normal turnout this year and have had to add extra classes to keep up with the demand.

The club, located right beside the Thornhill Community Centre, offers a wide variety of programming for kids and adults of all ages and skill levels. Moms can bring their babies and toddlers during the day, teens and adults can join in a recreational class in the evening to tone up, work on their balance, or just have fun, and there are new class options for gymnasts of a higher-skill level who aren’t necessarily interested in competing.

And then, of course, there are the competition-level gymnasts, who are in the midst of prepping for competition season, getting ready to travel to Quesnel to compete in the Gold Pan Invitational at the beginning of February.

Staff say there is potentially a wide range of reasons why the club is busier now than before – word of mouth, new coaches, people moving here for work, population growth, and how organized the club has been over the last year. Plus, last year’s much-publicized break-in might have been publicity in disguise because it reminded the community what an asset the club is.

As far as new programs go, one is called Interclub, which offers higher skills in a non-competitive atmosphere. Gymnasts have the opportunity to learn routines and skills that competitive gymnasts learn without the pressure and expense of competition – but they can demonstrate their skills during the local competition if they choose.

“We needed something to offer the children who grew out of CANGYM (6-12 years old) and are more advanced in their skills. They were just sort of outgrowing the gym before,” said coach Boby Wagner. “It’s also great for those who decide competition isn’t for them but don’t want to leave the club.”

Today, Jan. 30, marks the first day of Session 2, and the club has plenty in store for the next little while. On Feb. 8, the club hosts its Pro-D Day camp for kids who want to move around on their day off. National Gymnastics Week is Feb. 11  – 17, and the club is encouraging gymnastics-lovers to wear red or pink to class to show their love for the sport. And the annual Flip-a-Thon fundraiser from 2 – 3 p.m. on Feb. 16.