Motocross season jump starts

Dirt bike riders from across B.C. travelled to Terrace this April to race in the Terrace Motocross Association’s annual season opener.

HERE ARE the first

HERE ARE the first

Dirt bike riders from across B.C. travelled to Terrace this April to race in the Terrace Motocross Association’s annual season opener.

For the two-day event, which was held April 28 and 29 at Terrace’s motocross track located near the Northwest Regional Airport, 65 riders signed up to compete.

This number was slightly down from last year’s 90 riders, but races made for an action-packed weekend nevertheless, said Sue Kawinsky.

“The weather wasn’t as good so we didn’t get as good a turnout,” said Kawinsky, adding that she thinks single lane traffic along Hwy 16 beforehand kept attendance numbers down.

Even still, 42 races saw riders climb on their dirt bikes and compete — with 22 events seeing Terrace riders take first place, scoring the most points in each event to add to their repertoire for the season.

Races are classified by bike size and age, some involving both and others just one, said Kawinsky.

On Saturday April 28, Carter Steele from Terrace was the lone racer in the 50cc age 4 – 6 race, which won him 50 points.

Dario Roldo of Terrace won 47 points by coming first in the 50cc 7 – 8. Joey Parkes won 50, coming first in the 85cc 12 – 16. Richard Murray was the sole rider from Terrace to race in the beginner MX-1. Steve Andersen took first and 50 points in the Junior B race. Ty Calcutt of Terrace won 50 points, taking first place in the junior MX-1. Tyler Schmidt took first in the Junior MX-2 race, Andrew Kennedy took first in the youth race winning 50. Steven Holland won 47 in first place in the Plus 25 race, Francis Guerin won 50 as the sole racer in the vet master race. Craig Kendell took first in the vet junior race, winning 50 points.

On Sunday April 29, Shawn Andersen from Terrace won 50 points in first in the 50cc 7 – 8 race, Jeo Parkes came first with 50 in the 85cc 12 – 16 race, Austin Fagan came first with 50 points in the Junior B. Ty Calcutt came first winning 50 in the junior MX-1, and again in the junior MX-3.

Andrew Kennedy won 50 and first in the intermediate MX-3, again in the intermediate MX-1, and in the youth race.

Terrace’s Craig Kendell won 50 in the plus 25 race, coming in first place, which he also placed in the vet junior race earning him 47 points. Earl Houlden won 50 points in the plus 40 race where he came in first.

Riders from all across B.C. competed in the race, with a concentration of them coming from throughout the northwest to compete.

There will be one more event held in July in Terrace, which will also see riders gather to race before winners are presented with trophies.

At the end of the season, high points are awarded at regional banquets, one of which is held for northern B.C. and another in the south.  Also, the rider with the highest points in all of B.C., from both series, is awarded at the southern banquet.