Minor lacrosse nets a revival

With a new league president, executive and head coach, minor lacrosse players in Terrace should be back in action by the spring.

With a new league president, executive and head coach, minor lacrosse players in Terrace should be back in action by the spring.

New president for Terrace Minor Lacrosse Richard Lindstrom has also been named the zone 7 representative, which covers the areas from Vanderhoof west, and plans to start drumming up a regional interest too.

“I’ve had a fair amount of success with getting people on board region wide – and I’ve had a fantastic response from everybody,” Lindstrom said, noting for Terrace there is only two positions left to be filled on a seven league executive.

Lindstrom has more than 20 years of off-and-on coaching experience, and is the parent of a 14-year-old son, who was very disappointed when the league folded last season, due to the resignation of its president Shelly Anderson and a lack of volunteers to run its executive.

At the time, Anderson had sent out pleas to the community for a replacement of her position and the league executives, all of whom were looking to move on after their children had aged-out of the sport.

Lindstrom said that Anderson has been instrumental in the new league, offering support and direction as a past-president.

The B.C. Lacrosse Association has also been supporting the Terrace revival by providing learning curriculums and instructional DVDs.

“Their support network for this league is fantastic,” said Lindstrom, who expects teams to be on the courts from March to July.

There will be a ‘fun day’ planned in the new year where youths can come to try out the sport and see if it is something that interests them.

Lindstrom is working with local schools to hold lacrosse sessions during lunch breaks and in gym classes to introduce students to the sport.

There will also be coaching and refereeing clinics held in the spring.

“It’s been a snowball effect: the more I do, the more (interest) I find,”  he said.

The head coach position will be filled by former national player Clint Norton, who has played for the Victoria Shamrocks.

“He has quite a list of credentials,” Lindstrom said.

Long-time Terrace coach Terry Monture also plans to help out as much as he can, although he is unsure of what his involvement will be as he supports his son in his basketball training and deals with a busy job.

“That is my plan, to help out as much as I can,” said Monture, who has in the past received three zone 7 coach of the year awards in lacrosse.

“I hope they do well, I think that anyone who plays hockey should be playing lacrosse,” he said, explaining that the training received in lacrosse will enhance hockey players’ skills and keep them in shape throughout the off-season.

And Lindstrom says it is a worthwhile sport to bring back.

“I think it gives kids another option,” Lindstrom explained. He noted the sport is inexpensive to get into and offers amazing

scholarship potential for senior players.

“There is a tremendous amount of money for kids to tap into.”

At the league’s peak, there were 200 players; during this time, Terrace hosted provincials for lacrosse, in July of 2008.