Snowboarder Josi Wilson claimed the podium both days

Snowboarder Josi Wilson claimed the podium both days

Girls shine again at Mini Rippers fun race

Shames Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club held a second race weekend last month

The Mini Rippers shredded up the mountains again February 15 and 16 as the Shames Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club held a second race weekend with two more races for Mini Rippers members and young skiers and snowboarders.

Skiers from three to 10-years-old and snowboarders from eight to 12-years-old came out for the race – GS (Giant Slalom) style, with one racer at a time making the way down a longer course with wider turns.

Seventy-nine skiers and snowboarders raced GS over the two days, with 31 racers Saturday and 48 racers Sunday.

Like the first race of the season, more participants were girls than boys, and the fastest time seen all weekend was taken by the girls with nine-year-old Jamilla Defreitas clocking a time of 22.03 seconds in the Sunday race.

Sunday also had a tie for third in the girls 6 and under with a time of 25.97. Ties are uncommon – but the Womens downhill event last month at the Sochi Olympic Games had a tie for gold.

There were a few who claimed the podium both days, Jordan Talstra and Thayna Healey in the girls 6 and under ski and sisters Josi and Milla Wilson in the Girls Snowboard.

The Mini Rippers program is all wrapped up, but the older ski and snowboard programs of SMSSC continue to the end of March with more upcoming competitions in the month ahead.


Race #3 Saturday, Feb. 15

Girls 6 & Under Ski

1 Jordan Talstra

2 Thayna Healey

3 Maddy Willmot

Boys 6 & Under Ski

1 Will Hicks

2 Emile Leboeuf

3 Fantin Tardy-Berger

Snowboard Girls

1 Lisa Nicholson

2 Milla Wilson

3 Josi Wilson

Girls 7-10 Ski

1 Camryn Reiter

2 Sarah Fell

3 Nyra Donnan

Boys 7-10 Ski

1 Oliver Willmot

2 Edoward Leboeuf

3 Taj Spencer

Race # 4 Sunday, Feb.16

Girls 6 & under Ski

1 Thayna Healey

2 Neige Kerr

3 Jordan Talstra (tie)

3 Makayla Forest (tie)

Boys 6 & Under Ski

1 Ben Carter

2 Will Hicks

3 Wade Stewart

Three-year-old Boys Ski

1 Russ Hicks

2 Jasper Kerr

Snowboard Girls

1 Milla Wilson

2 Josi Wilson

3 Alex Talstra

Girls 7-10 Ski

1 Jemailla Defreitas

2 Farah Defreitas

3 Nancy

Boys 7-10 Ski

1 Ryan Magnusson

2 Gavin Magnusson

3 Seth Carter