Do you have what it takes to be a Nightmare?

The North Coast Nightmares roller derby team is looking for new recruits – and that includes local refs

The North Coast Nightmares are hungry for fresh meat.

Terrace’s famed roller derby team is in the midst of signing up new recruits for training sessions beginning in the new year. They’re looking for new players – but also refs and volunteers who want to get involved with the sport, which is gaining momentum across the northwest and especially here in Terrace. The team’s first home bout, held this summer in Terrace, was nearly sold-out.

But in order to host more events – which can happen once the ice is off in the Terrace Sportsplex – the team needs supporting members, especially referees.

“We can’t host bouts and increase our training without refs,” said Team Captain, Vicky “CrackHer Box” Seland, in a release sent out last week. “Currently, our league brings them to Terrace from around the province. We pay their travel and accommodations as incentive to travel the long distance here. That is not a small expense, but absolutely necessary.”

Both men and women are encouraged to become referees – those interested will be invited to join the league, participate in training, travel, and also condition with the team. It’s a no contact, low impact option for people who want to be involved with roller derby but might not necessarily want to experience the full physical nature of roller derby – a predominately female sport where two teams of five girls on roller skates battle for points on the track with the aggression of hockey minus the full-body padding.

And three Nightmares recently took a ref training clinic at Prince George’s Sk8fest to better assist and recruit local refs – and to better their game in general just by understanding the rules more.

“Really hoping that what was learned in the ref clinic can be helpful to at least get some locals started at practices,” said Nightmare Tarea “Dream Warrior” Roberge.

After the ref clinic the players met up with other team members and northwest players attending the training boot camp portion of Sk8fest to scrimmage.

“It was particularly special because we got to play with Block Party (Natalee Olson) who joined us as fresh meat in the summer, moved to PG recently and was just benchmarked in PG,” she said. “So we still got to play our first game with her.”

And for those who want to be derby girls, the eight-week training program here in Terrace will see them learn the basics of the game, participate in skating drills, work-outs and freestyle skating under the guidance of Nightmares’ veterans.

See the team’s Facebook page for contact information.