YXT hostile to general aviation

YXT hostile to general aviation

Dear Editor,

I am forwarding an email I sent to the four member organizations of the Terrace Kitimat Airport Society June 7, 2019. None of them have either acknowledged or replied to my question.

I am therefore submitting the correspondence to you with the request that it be published as an open letter in your Letters to the Editor section. I realize that the Terrace Standard is a protector of the airport and most likely will refrain from doing so but I am continuing my efforts to have the airport change its attitude toward general aviation.

Without success, I have been trying to determine the time and place that the Terrace Kitimat Airport Society will be holding its public 2019 AGM as outlined in Section 2.2 of the Governance of Canadian Airports.

Being a tax payer that has contributed to the approximate $18,000,000 the Society has received in grants over the past four years I have a question for the Society members:

Why do you support a management that discourages the use of the airport by [recreational] general aviation aircraft which could provide the area with significant economic and safety benefits?

I look forward to your comments.

Jim Tiviotdale

Terrace, B.C.