Writer loves the Library

A local woman states her case about why public libraries are important

Dear Sir:

Personally I take out 20 to 40 books a month!

Magazines, novels, research, DVDs, even the newest celebrity tell-all books.

Being a few days late with 44 books my overdue fine was $28.60, but topped at $25.00. I sincerely was happy to pay it.

Where could I buy 44 pieces of reading material for $25.00?

I have been a library patron for as long as I can remember, even receiving books by mail through Victoria, B.C. when I lived in an isolated area 110 miles from the nearest library. All free, for six years.

Colleges and schools may have libraries but as a 73-year-old pensioner I do not have access to these libraries.

Before I bought my home in Terrace in 2005, the first amenity I asked about was the library, not a hospital.

I honestly believe the library should receive ample funding and grants over and above and other community service that is provided free of charge. The library is an unbelievable asset to our community.

There are children’s programs, computer training and even free use of computers. The benefits are immense and really beyond measure.

The staff are so friendly and helpful and so knowledgeable.

As you can see I can’t say enough about our library system in B.C. and Canada.

Sheila Berard,

Thornhill, B.C.