Wouldn’t want Queen’s medal anyway

As it is, selection for medals just doens't make any sense

Dear Sir:

To quote Paul St. Pierre, “As always the innocent are blamed and the guilty are promoted.”

That is the case with a lot of situations in life.

The granting of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals substantiates that claim.

The only thing (I know the Queen has nothing to do with selection of recipients) that was done right here was the selection of local members of the Terrace Pipes and Drums Corps because music always wins.

The recent medal honours going to Terrace council members lacks all sensibilities. One was abruptly severed from his job with the bank and the other has business conflicts of interests ever since he became a member of council.

The omissions of other long time local politicians with years and just years of service, and actual accomplishments is a clear indication that lots of people need to study history.

One of them has “served” the public for only  five years and has done nothing for the community or the region in those years. But he does vote Conservative (Liberal) and is a friend of Gordy and Christy.

The other has a longer term in office, cuddles with the chamber and has always been campaigning for the provincial Liberals.

I am NDP, not at all favoured by the Chamber of Commerce, not much liked by the newspaper, despised and ignored by them, so why would the Queen (or her rep) ever give me any thing in spite of all that I have done for my community.

I served as elected member for 26 years, never had conflict accusations, did actual things for people.

Things like water systems, sewer systems, street lights, planing, zoning, bus systems, dog control, fire department, playgrounds and parks, civic center, day-care, tennis courts.

The newspaper pretends that Thornhill does not exist, and that these things never happened and that I had no part of them. That I did more for my community than any one did for their community, that is a strong statement, so send me another name.

Take the Queen’s medal, throw it at the moon, I don’t want it, but justice and truth would be nice.

Les Watmough, Terrace, B.C.