Wheelchair access a must

Resident thanks Carol Leclerc for raising the issue at council of wheelchair access.

Dear Sir:

Thank you Carol  Leclerc for raising the issue at council of wheelchair access.

As a former community service worker of 10 years, I was, and am still, shocked at how many businesses are not wheelchair accessible in Terrace. On a regular day in the spring or summer, it is challenging enough to assist a client in and out of some businesses here, never mind in the winter. In some places even the aisles are not even wheelchair friendly.

I hope the attention being given to this subject sends a message to more businesses that people with disabilities are missing out on opportunities as are the business owners in having them as customers.

Tim Hortons is somewhere I have taken clients to for years and have always been impressed at the staff who hurry to the door when they see someone who needs assistance.

Sidewalks and walkways should be shovelled clearly and salted/sanded. Have you ever tried to push a wheelchair through the snow?

There are many elderly people who could be seriously injured if they fell. Many probably don’t venture out due to the hazardous walkways. All business owners should consider this.

I am thrilled the city is providing incentives to make existing buildings more wheelchair friendly.

Danielle Lavoie,

Terrace, BC