We’ve heard it all before

Well here we are just a few seasons from a provincial election and few of us know who’s what and what’s who

Dear Sir:

Well here we are just a few seasons from a provincial election and few of us know who’s what and what’s who.

Christy Clark has been keeping such a low profile does she even have a profile? And some guy is supposed to be leading the NDP, you know, what’s his name — does he even have one?

These useless politicians keep talking about a mythical northern gateway but back in the 1960s Yellowhead  16 was the Northern Gateway. Back in the ‘60s Premier WAC Bennett had a plan but nobody has a plan today that is environmentally sound or isn’t full of hubris in a quick buck scheme for the insiders.

All the BC Liberals did was dismantle our downtown mill and replace our woods industry for Alberta oil sludge and terrorism for the environment. The mill, of which I speak, I used to walk home through from high school. There was a whole section of town from Kalum St. to Kenney St. that provided by-products from logging when Terrace was the future, now it’s only the past.

The BC Liberals recently polled me about Christy Clark and had the audacity to ask me if I knew what a pulp mill was. I mentioned Eurocan and then they got into the pension increase shell game, suggesting that hollow service increases were the way to go when it’s harder and harder to even have enough to buy groceries. “What do you want,” asked the dumb guy repeatedly.  “Well,” said I, “I’d like to have money to buy more than just food. Man does not live by bread alone, eh?” He sounded like one of those outsourced poll takers.

Pollsters offer people a whole $25 for answering questions but that’s another shell game. You have to join a focus group or you don’t get the bucks [how many disabled people can jump to it and dash down to a room somewhere I don’t know] and they certainly don’t offer limousine service.

Again he didn’t know what I was talking about.  “What’s your problem,” he said in a sarcastic, heavy accent.

These are the games politicians play. After all, they live off the fat of the land with silly proposals that failed 35 years ago when the insiders promised they would be back when our local economy fell apart, and they would be accepted for such plans.

Back in the days of Pierre Trudeau and Iona Campagnolo the so-called Northern Gateway pipeline completely failed for obvious reasons. Now they think they have us over an oil barrel and we no longer have a choice.

And I have friends, who like me, have lived here for sixty-plus years and remember the controversy back then.

Brian Gregg,

Terrace, BC