Unelected senate interfering with our democracy

Unelected senate interfering with our democracy

Dear Editor,

An unelected Senate is interfering with the democratic process of our government. The majority of voting citizens have agreed, through their parties, with bills C48 and C69, passed by parliament. Yet a senate of unelected individuals have been swayed and emboldened by the highly financed, international oil and gas industries to defeat these bills. This is lobbying at its highest level of interference in democracy by profit driven, international corporations.

As communities we asked for a more comprehensive environmental assessment process (bill C 69) that was fair and inclusive. We also stated in many different ways that we did not want to see oil tankers on North Coast waters (bill C 48). Yet we have oil and gas industries complaining that the measures are too oppressive and bringing unprecedented pressure to bear on senators to kill the bills. Oppressive to what – enormous profits or a way of doing business that may, in the end, direct them along new pathways? These bills mandate measures that provide more certainty to communities economically and environmentally along with measures to address climate change.

As citizens we should be outraged, and we are. The interference in democratic process and progressive, innovative thinking that will serve our communities now and in the future is intolerable and threatens our freedoms and ways of life. The acceptance by any government of actions by highly influential international corporations on our values and processes is the slippery slope towards oligarchy. The seducing of a vulnerable senate is almost laughable but is a wakeup call to our democratic vulnerability.

As citizens we demand that the democratic process of passing these bills be implemented immediately.

Cheryl Brown

Douglas Channel Watch

Kitimat, B.C.