Train whistles found annoying

Writer says there is an easy solution to the problem

Dear Sir:

The wind making train whistles particularly sonorous the other night, again we ask why the City of Terrace refuses to make the Frank Street crossing whistle-free.

The crossing is exactly like the whistle-free crossing at Kenney, except for lacking a second lane for turning from the highway, in which semi-trucks can wait for the trains to pass.

However, at Frank, that can be easily remedied with a sign prohibiting semi-truck crossing when trains are passing.  So few trucks use it, anyway, that the sign is probably not even necessary.

No other upgrade costs involved.

So, why does the city refuse to act?

Mayor Dave Pernarowski told me that the city is waiting on the possible redesign of the intersection.  Possible.  Waiting.

Meantime, we can be guaranteed many broken sleeps this summer.

David Heinimann and others,

Terrace, BC