Time for CN to stop honking

Local Terrace man calls on city to advocate for quieter crossing

To Mayor and Council:

The newly upgraded railway crossing at Highway 16 and Frank Street invites renewed request to the CN/CP to end the whistle for the crossing.

The crossing is now on par with that at Highway 16 and Kenney Street, which is whistle-free.  What argument remains, then, to maintain the whistle at 16/Frank?  None evident.

The 16/Frank whistle, prior to the upgrade and the increased traffic on the line, was a minor irritant but tolerable for the safety.  Now that the safety equals 16/Kenney, and with the increase in night traffic, especially, the 16/Frank whistle is not only a nuisance but compromises property value.

Hoteliers near it already have to explain to angry guests that there is nothing they can do about it; the same complaint, I have found, exists all along the line, right back to Prince George.  The major new hotel being built near 16/Kenney will not be happy, either.

Further, tax-paying residents within earshot of the intense blasts from the trains, whether on Mountain Vista or in Kitsumkalum, would dearly love to be able to sleep a solid night.

To end the whistle, then, would please everyone and upset no one, expect maybe CN/CP for the paperwork they have to do.

Finally, if forwarding this on the Council agenda requires my formal request in person at your next meeting, then please direct us on procedure.

Dr. David Heinimann

Terrace, B.C.