Terrace team’s attitude draws praise

Peewee rep team wins on ice as well as with its maturity

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to the Terrace Minor Hockey Association following a win at a tournament in Kamloops by the Terrace Pizza Hut Kermodes Peewee Rep hockey team.

Dear Sir:

Recently I had the rare pleasure of watching my son’s team lose to a team that displayed an incredible show of sportsmanship and class, rarely seen by kids of this age. Your kids were strong competitors against ours. The Kermodes played well and they played clean.

But the most impressive moment came at the handshake where they showed respect to the goalie who worked hard to stone them. Your captain and assistant captains patted my son on the back and gave him a little extra respect and acknowledgment.

One of them, I believe to be the captain, paused, gently grabbed my goalie by the cage and told him he did awesome. This was followed by many extra pats on the back and taps on the pads in acknowledgement of my goaltender.

It meant a lot to him and left a lasting impression and valuable lesson of grace, sportsmanship and integrity. You should all be so incredibly proud of those kids and the leadership they displayed at our tournament. I know I was! I spoke with your coaching staff to acknowledge your kids and they were gracious and kind.

This is something else I haven’t seen much of in all the years we’ve spent at the rink. Your parents in the stands were all positive and supportive of their team and the competition.

Your team made the city of Terrace proud this weekend, not only in winning the tournament but in sportsmanship above all else. On behalf of my son, Bailey, and the North Kamloops Lions, we thank you and wish you all the success in the rest of your season.

Thank you for coming all the way to Kamloops!

Cari Monteith, North Kamloops Lions,

Kamloops, B.C.