Terrace student just wants school to start

I'm on the side of myself and my fellow students who'd love to graduate on time.

Dear Sir:

I am just one of many students I know that are anxiously waiting for school to finally start.

I could not honestly say that I’m not enjoying my free time, I am catching up on some hiking and camping, and working more so I can go to university. On the other hand I can’t go to university without completing grade 12.

As a student in my senior year this strike is quickly becoming a nuisance. Even when we do go back to school I will be cramming a full set of academic classes into whatever time we have left.

I have friends who are teachers and I fully understand that class size and composition are a problem in schools, one that is even affecting my education.

Unfortunately, not going to school at all is affecting my education much more. I could not say that I am on the side of the teachers or of the government.

Honestly, I’m on the side of myself and my fellow students who’d love to graduate on time. I hope everyone comes to an agreement soon, because I know I’d hate summer school.

Theodoric Weicksel, Terrace, B.C.