Terrace needs a helmet bylaw for skatboarders

Terrace needs a helmet bylaw for skatboarders

Dear Editor,

In 2010 I gave a presentation to Terrace City Mayor and Council regarding a bylaw for skateboarder/longboarder to wear a fitted helmet and protection gear. They said no. It is time now. There must be a bylaw for skateboarding/longboarding. The by-law will include in-line skating, scooters too.

Why didn’t the City of Terrace have a bylaw for helmets from 2010? Why did the longboarder (Lanfear Drive longboarding accident, May 2 edition of the Terrace Standard) go down the hill with no helmet and not wearing protection gear?

Why does it take this longboarder’s fall to get attention to have a bylaw for helmets? I knew this would happen. The web poll in the Terrace standard says that there has to be a helmet bylaw. Why does someone have to get hurt before something is done? The bylaw should have been made in 2010.

Also go see the MLA to have a BC Provincial Mandatory helmet laws.

Yvonne Nielsen

Survivor of a traumatic brain injury