Terrace, BC symphony performance welcomed

Symphony demonstrates value of school-based musical education

Dear Sir:

Last Saturday June 15 the local Terrace Symphony Orchestra presented a challenging and entertaining concert at the United Church.

This programme was a considerable credit to its director, to the community, and also to the many Terrace music teachers who have given the gift of ability to perform music at such a high standard.

As a listener I was struck by the number of young musicians who were trained in your schools.

Terrace schools have been a beacon for the arts and music for many years now.

I trust that all those in positions of educational leadership and responsibility in your town will ensure that music and arts programmes in your schools will be maintained and flourish. Enabling conditions will start with excellent teachers, enabling timetables, and adequate resources.

Bravo and brava to the existing Terrace music teachers who have earned an outstanding reputation Province wide for your music programmes.

Dr. Dennis Frank Tupman,

Green Lake , BC