Terrace, B.C. RCMP detachment needs a Criminal Code of Canada

RCMP officers need to understand they aren't above the law

Dear Sir:

Judging by the disproportionate number of violent incidents by RCMP officers in your community I suggest that you purchase a copy of the Criminal Code of Canada and send it to the officer in charge of the Terrace RCMP detachment.

Based on the number of incidents involving Terrace RCMP officers using excessive force, it certainly appears the officers at the Terrace detachment are ignorant of Section 26 of the Code which clearly places limits on when police can and cannot use force.

As the Shane Parker case demonstrated, the code of conduct investigations by the RCMP are a complete joke.

The RCMP are not exempt from the Criminal Code of Canada and someone should explain that to the Officer in charge of the Terrace RCMP detachment.

Demand assault charges be laid against the officers involved in these incidents and let the courts decide whether their behaviour is or is not a criminal offence.

Darryl Davies,

Nepean, Ontari