Swimmers need a slow lane

Swimmers need a slow lane

Dear Editor,

I went to the one-hour long adult public swim tonight at the Terrace pool tonight, and when I went to got into my usual lane I was happy to see only one other person.

Suddenly I found myself being shooed out! By a woman standing on the deck. This woman told me the lane was being used for a private lesson?

There was no sign saying a private lane has been added to the already crowded public swim.

The next lane was quickly filling up with people who enjoy swimming quite quickly and this one had a sign on it that read MODERATE.

My point is this: the pool previously had a fast lane, a moderate lane, and a slow lane.

The other half of the pool was a free swim for adults who wanted to simply enjoy a relaxing soak, without having to interrupt those swimming serious laps. I do not begrudge the kids wanting to swim past 7 p.m. or the people who enjoy swimming their laps. But I do think a private lane at a public swim is wrong and lumping everyone else as moderate is simply not working.

I, being a person who likes to meander across the pool in a steady relaxed fashion, found myself dodging kids in the only space available, as close as possible to the ropes beside the so-called moderate lane.

Terressa Dilley

Terrace, B.C.


Swimmers need a slow lane