Strangers ease a mother’s worries

I am forever grateful for those two individuals who helped me and my baby.

Dear Sir:

I, like many others, took advantage of the new airline, WestJet, and booked a flight to Vancouver. I was scheduled to fly on their second day of operation.

However, I was nervous to travel this time around. I would be flying for the first time with my infant son and without the accompanying help of my husband. I was reassured in thinking that the WestJet staff would give me all the help I needed.

I was wrong. I got a lecture when I checked in that I needed to get there even earlier than normal when traveling with an infant and I got no help from any of their staff when it was time to get up and board.

While the other passengers rushed to line up, I stayed sitting there, holding my six-month old son looking at my carry-on bag, stroller, car seat and diaper bag that I somehow, by myself, needed to transport.

I felt overwhelmed and fought back tears of frustration. My silent cries for help were answered when another passenger stayed behind whom I do not know and said to me, “I see you have quite the load to take with you. Would you like me to help you?”

I was stunned at the outreach of help and kindness this stranger had towards me. I didn’t know whether to cry or hug them. They carried my things and helped me find my seat and put my carryon away for me above my seat.

When our plane landed in Vancouver a different passenger offered to help me with my things this time.

Again, I was taken aback by the generosity of others. They went out of their way to get me to the luggage claim and then told me they needed to catch their connecting flight.

Sometimes I feel like this world has turned us into selfish zombies. Leaving us disconnected from the world by always being on our phones and only looking out for ourselves. I got a different perspective that day and a renewed belief in the goodness of others. That there are people who when they see someone in need, act on it. I am forever grateful for those two individuals who helped me and my baby. I didn’t get their names but thank you. Thank you for being among the few in this self absorbed society who thinks of others and gives service.

Kali Anderson, Terrace, B.C.