Premier Christy Clark's way of raising money may also work to solve Terrace

Solution proposed for Terrace, B.C. homeless crisis

If it works for the premier, it can work in Terrace, B.C.

Dear Sir:

We are experiencing what can only be called a crisis with the increasing numbers of homeless persons in Terrace. We have not as yet decided what to do although I hope we all agree that we must do something.

I have a brilliant idea for raising funding for a solution whether it be shelters or tiny houses or something else.

First, we call up Christy Clark and tell her we’re having a little get evening get together up here and the whole cabinet is invited. And for only $20,000.00 each they can have access to us!

Brilliant, right? We know this works! Christy does it all the time!

David Menzies,

Terrace, BC