SIGN pertaining to Ten Thousand Villages

SIGN pertaining to Ten Thousand Villages

Sign reflects badly on city

Ten Thousand Villages here for only two days a year

Dear Sir:

I was appalled by the following sign posted outside several shops in the Lazelle mini mall remarking on reserved parking for local business, rather than the Ten Thousand Villages temporary store this Saturday Dec. 1.

Really folks, could this town get any smaller in its thinking?  Ten Thousand villages provides quality items that have been purchased by non profit agencies in developing countries, supporting fair labour practices and a fair wage.  The storefront was in our town for two days only, as it has done so for at least the past 10 years and actually may generate much foot traffic in to the other store locations.

As of this moment, I will not be shopping this holiday season with any business that had this sign posted out front.

While some business owners may not be aware of the these signs outside the building, it might be a good habit to check the outside once and a while to make sure the message you are implicitly sending is welcoming for all, rather than a silly, narrow minded with a protectionist slant.

I will be taking my shopping ideas elsewhere,

Maureen L. Atkinson,

Terrace, BC