Artist’s concept drawing of the planned Pacific NorthWest LNG facility on Lelu Island.

Prince Rupert Port Authority’s support of Petronas is wrong

The port supported Petronas' Pacific NorthWest LNG facility on Lelu Island by requesting in April that protestors leave the site.

Dear Sir:

So the Prince Rupert Port Authority is siding with Petronas on the Lelu Island location for its planned Pacific NorthWest LNG plant location.

Petronas is a foreign company that bought up gas leases in northeastern B.C.

It also has a vested interest in the gas deposits in Australia and around the Pacific Rim so now it can control the gas prices, depleting the ones it bought first and then moving on.

Petronas does not have to pay taxes until its infrastructure for Pacific NorthWest LNG is completed and investors paid off and then it is only a measly 3.5 per cent.

This is wrong. No money for Canada, only foreign companies and the port authority.

The workers that build it will be forced on mandatory overtime and that all goes to tax, as we all know, so it will be the common ones who take up the slack since Petronas has a free ride, tax-wise and can bully its way around Canada.

I am tired of those who side with these kinds of speculators but of course, you all belong to the same club, I am sure.

You, the port authority, has put up a bunch of catchphrases to blind the great unwashed.

Oh, Canada. We stand on guard for thee? Well, the government and big business have not and the real people need to take a stand.

Randy Rodger, Terrace, B.C.