Pray for the mothers too

Northwestern B.C. writer hopes that those who pray about abortion, consider the struggles of women involved.

Writer hopes that those who pray about abortion

Writer hopes that those who pray about abortion

Dear Sir:

I am writing in response to the story that appeared April 3 on The Terrace Standard’s website regarding the pro-life vigil that was held recently across the street from Mills Memorial Hospital.

In this day and age when substances are becoming a major concern in many areas around the world, I find signs that suggest people pray to end abortion  a sad sight.

Below is a quote that appeared in the story from one of those who participated.

“What prompted her change was a series of undercover videos asserting that Planned Parenthood, a family planning nonprofit organization in the U.S., was doing abortions strategically in order to harvest and sell fetal tissue.”

1. Those who have chosen to undergo abortions do not do it here in order to harvest fetal tissue.

2. Most people who chose to undergo abortions do not take their choices lightly.

3. Often those who have made the very difficult decision to abort may have been victimized and this choice is already difficult.

I would suggest that if the vigil participants were serious about their prayers that they please pray for the mother who had to make this choice.

Please pray that kindness and goodness is part of our world.

Do not pass judgement on those who are already suffering. They should not be subjected to such discriminating signs.

Instead of holding signs; hold meetings and workshops that are aimed at helping the vulnerable.

Mary-Ann Speirs,

Hazelton, B.C.