Political leadership found lacking

What do we have to look forward to in next election?

Dear Sir:

The BC Liberals did not listen to anyone when it came to the HST. Then they had to back track with a referendum. That kind of leadership has left BC with a huge debt of liability to the federal government who is controlled by the federal conservatives.

Leadership has been largely absent in the Missing Women’s Inquiry, which should be a no brainer for our Family First champion.

The Union of BC Municipalities passed motions supporting the opposition to oil pipelines and an oil tanker ban.

Traditionally the BC Liberals have taken their cue from the AGM of Union BC Municipalities.

Yet the premier’s minister of energy and mines has taken to criticizing local leadership for taking a position against Northern Gateway which according to the conservatives will be their national interest decision anyways.

Now the Premier’s office is filled with prominent former federal Conservative advisors and Enbridge consultants.

To be fair the NDP opposition, especially our current MLA, who recently jumped on the economic bandwagon, have been equally anemic.

Aboriginal relations, especially in treaty negotiations and crown corporations, have maintained the neolithic dogma of the federal Indian Affairs department.

So what do we have to look forward to in the next election?

Steve Wilson, Terrace, BC