Political collusion would be disastrous

Don't fall for MP Nathan Cullen's idea, says Terrace, B.C. letter writer

Dear Sir:

Regarding the April 10, 2013 editorial called “Cullen’s idea.”

The fact that Skeena – Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen thinks that a collusion of like-minded socialist parties is a good idea, should make all the free thinking, freedom loving good people in Canada shake their heads in wonder, and disgust.

Consider the NDP resolution 1-94-13 on the work week set to drive the cost of government up 20 per cent overnight.

And the NDP’s other resolutions 3-09-13, 3-23-13 and 3-56-13 designed to continue the demonizing and persecution of lawful firearms owners.

Why are Canadian citizens of good character being treated like and turned into criminals just because they own firearms?

Millions of lawful firearms owners are still facing a 10 year jail sentence for a paper work crime thanks to the Liberals and defended by the NDP and Green Party.

They do have some good ideas but not enough to offset the damage their attempts at the social re-engineering of free people into slaves.

Please friends and neighbours, educate yourselves and don’t fall for it.

The NDP in control of a province can be and will be devastating. The NDP in control of Canada would be fatal, as highly unlikely as it may be.

Should it happen we will then be know as The Peoples Republic of Canada.

Gordon Blakeburn, Terrace, B.C.