Pleasantly surprised by nursing staff

Pleasantly surprised by nursing staff

Dear Editor,

I was recently in Terrace for more than three weeks for a vacation to visit family and friends. This visit was going to be more emotionally for me than past ones, since my last visit in 2017 a very good friend had been moved into Terraceview Lodge and as I had very little experience with such a facility I did not know what to expect. I drove up to Terraceview and one of the nurses escorted me to the locked down area of the facility. I had arrived at the tailend of lunch, so to allow my friend the time to finish his lunch in peace I sat in the TV common area with many of the residents.

During that time I observed the nursing staff’s interaction with many of those around me. I was very impressed by their friendly and patient interactions with the people they were caring for; no matter the situation that the person was dealing with the nursing staff treated each of them with care and respect. Several times I could see the efforts that they put in to develop a friendship with their elderly charges, and I could see a trust that several of the residents had for the health care staff. Even during one difficult time I saw, when a resident was crying, confused and being uncooperative, the staff worked together to comfort and calm the lady, eventually defusing the situation with a humanity that I think any of us would appreciate.

I have read of many negative stories lately about seniors care facilities across the Country that have made the newspapers or TV, and not to say these don’t happen or don’t require our action to prevent, but I think so many more positive facilities exist for our seniors thanks to the dedication and caring of excellent Healthcare workers like those I had the privilege of observing in the Terraceview lodge. I also feel that many times the efforts that these Staff members put in to the care and attention of our elderly or mentally/physically challenged goes unnoticed and unrecognized.

Their duties must be difficult, not just physically but perhaps more so emotionally considering the investment each of them puts into the genuine caring for the residents. These workers must carry much of that emotional strain into their own homes and private lives, I am sure that must take a toll on them, yet their resolution to continue to dedicate their service to the communities they work in should be recognized. Each of us lucky enough to reach our elder years should also hope to have such caring people around to look after us and our loved ones.

I just want to thank each of them. I left knowing my friend was going to be well looked after and cared for, it was still sad to see him and to have to leave, but a little less so knowing the character and dedication these Health Care workers bring to that facility and the residents.

Logan Cadwallader

Victoria, B.C.